Sweets at the Station: Kindertransport Education Resources

The Project previously created new resources focusing on the Kindertransport as part of Refugee Week 2019, which was piloted nationally by teachers.

We received some wonderful feedback from the teachers involved:

‘Students felt empowered and loved it. They have now set up a refugee action group in

‘It linked with the Kindertransport topic we were teaching but
also brought it right up to date, making it seem more relevant
to the students.’

‘It was a great experience and I think dispelled a lot of myths about refugees.’

‘Liked the resource and how it tries to steer children away
from stereotypical images of refugees.’

‘Great resource – direct link to Kindertransport topic and also
brings it right up to date.’


With feedback from these teachers, peer educators, academic historians and holocaust education specialists, we have finalised a new pack for schools and groups to use.

These resources can support the teaching of:

  • Holocaust Education
  • Migration
  • Refugee Week
  • Current Issues and PSHE
  • WW2 History
  •  Careers

The majority of the resources suit KS3 and KS4 teaching, but some can also be used with older KS2 pupils particularly the Welcoming Words resource for Refugee Week. We have designed the resources to be flexible to your teaching, and to give a wealth of information on various unique topics, including a comparison of Calais and Harwich, and the Myth of a Positive Britain.

We would be grateful to hear your feedback on any of the resources, or to receive the pack a different way, nick@nhscic.org

1a. Sweets at the Station – Teachers Notes and Pack Overview

Resource 1 – Welcoming Words

Resource 2 – Reactions to Refugees

Resource 3 – ‘Sanctuaries’ Compared

Resource 4 – Refugee Voices

Resource 5 – Creating an Exhibition

Resource 6 – Myth of a Positive Britain


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