Periscope resource pack

In May the Project took part in the Creative Arts Conference organised by the Harwich Festival, which sees over 200 local Year 5 pupils take part in art activities provided by a range of organisations including dance, rock band, and animation. 

The project team introduced the story of the U Boat Surrender at Harwich and the importance of remembering the centenary of this event in November, and then each child made a periscope to take away with them. The event was a great success and the children had a wonderful ‘wow’ moment when they tried their periscopes over tables and around corners. It was also a fantastic opportunity to talk to local teachers and tell them a bit more about the project and what the team will be doing later in the year, and how their school can get involved. 

You can make your own periscope with our resource pack available here:

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Harwich Haven: Periscope resource

How To Make A Periscope – Video



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