NEW History on our Doorstep: Research Booklet

The Harwich Haven Surrender and Sanctuary Project are pleased to announce the creation of a new booklet focusing on the history of the U-Boats in Harwich.


A huge thank you goes to Rebecca Hickman for her research and dedication to the project, and to the Essex Heritage Trust for supporting this booklet.


This booklet is intended as a starting point for readers who want
to find out more about the history of the U-boats in World War I
and the surrender at Harwich. We make no claims for it being the
definitive history.

It has been published alongside a similar publication about the Kindertransport. We are especially grateful to the Essex Heritage Trust for its help in funding the print and
production of this booklet and to the Imperial War Museum for
access to its records and use of some of its images.

Nick Patrick, Project Manager, Harwich Haven: Surrender & Sanctuary Project, and New Heritage Solutions.

A pdf copy of the booklet can be found and downloaded here: History on our Doorstep – U Boats, and printed copies can be found across Essex.



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