2019 Creative Arts Conference

12th June 2019

Monday 20th May saw the arrival of the annual Creative Arts Conference, organised by the Harwich Festival. We were again thrilled to be hosting a heritage activity for the Year 5’s in the Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre. Across the rest of the building there were other arts sessions including dance, drama, painting, instrument playing and music.


This year we asked the children to become ‘mini-curators’, and create an exhibition by choosing from a range of objects relating to the Kindertransport and the story of Leslie Brent. They needed to consider which items they believed to be most important to tell Leslie’s story and the Kindertransport. 7 groups came of around 30 children from the seven local schools took park during the day, with each providing something different and creative. Many used the suitcases provided to give a backdrop for their display, while others focused on a chronological order of objects. One of the schools that took part had previously been involved in our Kindertransport recreation on train stations last year as part of the commemorations, so we were pleased to see they had not forgotten the experience.

We were really impressed with the children’s efforts in only 30minutes sessions, and we hope that they have left with a better understanding of their local heritage and this important event.

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